Mom, stay young forever!

Mom, stay young forever!

Mom, stay young forever!

What do we thank our mothers for? 

For staying awake at night, for caring, for always remembering all our important dates, for always having a kind word in hand, for hugging us when we need it, for reassuring us, for a warm dinner, for a house smelling of cake and for so much more....

Every grey hair on her head and every little wrinkle on her face reminds us that mum deserves the best. Express your love and take care of your mum in a special way - give her a beautiful, healthy, youthful appearance, take care of her well-being! 

May every mother, not only on her feast day but always, feel beautiful and young!

Mom, stay Young Forever!

At Colway International, to celebrate Mother's Day, we have prepared a special offer to make every mum feel special:

Body scrub set 1 + 1

Eye lift set 1 + 1

Rejuvenating face cream -15%

Natural Balance face cream - 15%

When you buy Double C glow skin drops - a facial serum will be waiting for you in your basket 

Vitamin C - olway with collagen for only PLN 29.90/EUR 6.90/GBP 6.09/KC 145

And for every order over PLN 50, a paper gift bag with the Stay Young with collagen heart for only PLN 0.10/EUR 0.10/GBP 0.10/KC 10

The offer is valid:

19/24 -21/24 OR

(07/05/2024 – 27/05/2024)

The offer is valid from status:

 Registered customer

Every mum deserves the best!

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