Happy Summer by Colway International 2024

Happy Summer by Colway International 2024

What do you associate summer with?

Carefree atmosphere, travelling, relaxation, meeting new people... Contrary to what you might expect, all of these can prove very beneficial to your online business. Because summertime is not only about holidays – it's also about festivals, fairs and picnics where you can display Colway International products. This season offers many opportunities to grow your online business. Remember that even as you’re enjoying the beach or sunbathing by the pool, you can keep sending your affiliate link and this way your online business will be working for you even when you are relaxing. At Colway International, we do not slow down in the summer. Here you can always find interesting special offers that will help you generate income and grow your business even while you are on holiday. 

This year's special offer at Colway International is like a wave crashing on the shore. Every two weeks, a new wave of products at special, lower prices will bring you plenty of benefits and opportunities to make summer your best time in business!

Enjoy the sunshine and Colway International's summer offers!

Every two weeks:

Two cosmetic products and one dietary supplement at amazing prices – 15% off

There’s more:

For the duration of the special offer:

Body scrub and Double C glow skin drops at 40% off

Selected samples for testing in sachets at 40% off

Colway International branded items at special, discounted prices!

And the cherry on top! 

All summer long – the Summer24 discount code, which gives you an extra 5% off purchases with a minimum value of 75 purchase points (the code reduces the amount due, without subtracting the purchase points)

Enjoy this summer to the fullest!

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